Contact Information

Name: Willi Hartwig
Pen name: Mephisto2k
Occupation: Admin/Webmaster/Author
Languages: German, English
Location: Germany, Albertus-Magnus-Straße 28, 41470 Neuss
E-mail: mephisto2k [at] animeph [dot] com
Born: 18.05.1988

Mail suggestions, positive and negative critical remarks, corrections, mistakes, ideas, requests and so on to me.

Name: Hoang Nhan Vo
Occupation: Photographer/Editor/Co-Author
Languages: English, German, Vietnamese, French
Location: Germany
E-mail: hoangnhanvo [at] animeph [dot] com
Born: 12.06.1987

Name: Bünjamin Akbeyaz
Occupation: Editor/Co-Author
Languages: English, German
Location: Germany
E-mail: akbeyaz [at] animeph [dot] com
Born: 11.09.1990

Name: Katrin Klint
Occupation: Co-Author
Languages: English, German
Location: Germany
E-mail: klint [at] animeph [dot] com
Born: 19.03.1996


Name: Robert Kadarius
Occupation: Moderator/Editor/Co-Author
Languages: English
E-mail: kadarius1997 [at] gmail [dot] com
Born: 26.05.1997

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