AnimagiC 2018

This year we were once again able to visit the AnimagiC Convention, which has moved to Mannheim Germany in 2017. This convention is most noticeable by the sheer number of high-profile music-acts and celebrities it manages to invite each year. This year’s perfomances included eufonius, Konomi Suzuki, ZWEI, Mika Kobayashi, MYTH & ROID as well as Yuna Shinohara und Ken Nakasako, who took a classical music approach to known anime theme songs.

In addition there are multiple viewing areas, where you are able to view most recent anime movies in German dub such as No Game No Life Zero, Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale and many more. Right outside there is also a beautiful part, perfect if you need to take a break. All in all it was a very worthwhile experience and we definitely recommend a visit.

Animagic Park

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