Anime info sites

It is important to know the big anime databases (besides of course^^) in order to look up titles that have been suggested to you, read backgroundinfo of the newest unlicensed series before downloading them, look up information about you favourite series and find new series you might want to watch.

This site contains a large database that lists each and every anime and hetai with a preview, an image and lots of basic information.
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1) Search for a certain anime by name.
2) Browse all anime by an alphabetic list.
3) Search for anime by genre.

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This is an example for information provided on this site about certain anime.

Anime News Sites:
This site features anime news but also has an anime and manga database and lots of useful features.
This site focuses on news about new Japanese anime shows and American releases.
This is the most reliable and up-to-date site about new anime shows in Japan, but unfortunately it is entirely in Japanese.

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