New to Animeph

We at Animeph are constantly looking for skilled writers and passionate fans as an addition to our team. If you feel motivated to contribute to Animeph and be an active part of the community, don’t hesitate to visit the Contact Page and write an email. Below is a short introduction of John, the most recent member of our team:

Hello! I’m John Malapitan, a new author and editor. I have been watching Anime and reading Manga since the first time I was introduced to it at Anime Expo 2007 at Long Beach, CA. I recently went to AX again just a few days ago at Los Angeles, CA; I plan to go every year from now on! I am currently a first year college student studying biochemistry. I have been a “Closet Anime Fan” because a lot of my friends thought it was I guess “Childlike”, but now I want to socialize with the community more and add my input, specifically to romance anime; I have seen from Aishiteruze Baby to modern romances like Amagami SS, Midori Days etc. I also enjoy watching others like Railgun, Oreimo, Hyouka, Ano Hana, SAO, Attack on Titan etc. I’m planning to add content to the Anime Review section, and also talk with the people using this site! I hope we can get along!