Asatte no Houkou – Anime Review

Review: After their parents died the little Karada lives alone with her old brother. She cooks and wishes to grow up soon so that she won’t burden her brother any longer. That’s why she hates being treated like a child. When Karada sits praying to a shrine while she takes a walk with her bother, she meets a woman named Shoko, who just moved back to this town after years and she seem to know him. However she does not seem to like Karada very much. It later turns out that she used to be her brothers girlfriend. After their parents died he left her without saying a word to take care of Karada. She is angry that he did not say anything and that Karada seems to know much more about him than she does. That day at night Shoko and Karada meet again at the shrine. Suddenly Karada looks like a grown-up and Shoko looks like a child. How can this be? Did this happen because they wished for it?
Rating: 8,5/10

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