Asobi ni Iku yo! – Anime Review

asobi ni iku yo
Review: Kakazu Kio is your usual high school boy living in Okinawa; that is until the day Eris stepped into his live. Eris is an alien agent with the appearance of a cat-girl, who came to earth to observe, make friends and have fun. Like always in these stories she is living together with the main character during her stay on earth. But as it seems, alien fanatics, government agencies and other aliens living in secret on earth are about to become a thread to their fun times together.

Asobi ni Iku yo! can be described as a mix of To-LoveRu and Dears. It’s the usual anime show where Alien female life forms come to earth and seem to have nothing better to do than go and have fun with the main character, who in turn has to teach them about the way of living in a human society. With a little comedy and romance thrown in we get another fun anime, as originality isn’t a necessity as long as it’s well made and fun to watch. Weak points of this show are rather unrealistic organizations, secret agencies and government departments. All action and fighting scenes seem so wrong and out of place that it destroys the overall picture of the anime.
Rating: 7/10