Bakemonogatari – Anime Review

Review: Araragi is your typical laid back high school student, except for the fact he once was a vampire after being attacked by one. A homeless priest helped him turn back to human but he still has rather handy side effects like regeneration powers and perfect eye vision. One day he caught a girl named Senjougahara in his arms who was falling down the stairs. Realizing her bodyweight is significantly lower than what it should be judging by her appearance, he concludes she must be possessed by some entity and he decides to help her by introducing her to the priest who once helped him. That’s how their friendship and adventures began.

Unique and entertaining character designs and an animation style that will remind you of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei are what make this anime appealing. It’s a mix of fantasy, romance and comedy that fits together perfectly.
Rating: 9/10