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Angel Beats! – Anime Review

Monday, 14 May, 2012


Upon waking up, the first thing Otonashi sees aside of this beautiful night sky is Yuri, who is aiming at a girl they call Tenshi (Angel) with a big automatic gun. He has no recollection of who he is or how he got there. The world he finds himself in does not reach further than the school grounds and is inhabited by 3 kinds of people: First NPCs, who are soulless students and only appear to have normal behaviour; second the students, who teamed up to build the Afterlife Battlefront led by Yuri; and third Tenshi, who they are desperately fighting against. After Otonashi joins up with the Afterlife Battlefront he learns that in this world no one seems to age or die and that this world seems to be some kind of afterlife limbo. Everyone has deep regrets about their previous lives they don’t really want to talk about, projecting their hate and bitterness onto God and Thenshi. Yet, Otonashi is the only one who still doesn’t remember anything. Unlike the other members of the Afterlife Battlefront, he asks questions and does not simply drown his regrets in an everlasting battle against this mysterious Tenshi girl, dulling their pain and forgetting that the one they really hate are they themselves and their helplessness.

Angel Beats is an original story and arguably one of the best and most successful anime of 2010. What seems like a weird scenario at first, quickly turns into an emotional roller-coaster as you learn about the tragic pasts of the main characters. These authentic depictions of the problems and hardships of contemporary teenagers let the viewer relate to them on a level very few other anime can compete with. In between there is a lot of humor and mystery, which fits in just perfectly. Music, opening and ending are equally as beautiful rounding up an already perfect anime. Many complain that 13 episodes are not enough and wish for more episodes, while I think it is just fine the way it ended. It’s one of those shows able to move viewers to tears and will not disappoint.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Anime Review

Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

Review: Sai Akuto thinks of himself as a very caring and helpful person. His biggest dream is to graduate from Constan Magical Academy and become a high priest. An occupation only those with the purest hearts can follow. Yet, unexpectedly on his first day on oracle that predicts the future occupation of the first year students tells him that he will be the Demon-Lord; a being feared in the past for its enormous power und cruelty. With that said, it seems like there will be only those who seek him for power and those who avoid him in fear. Or maybe not…?

It’s rather hard to figure out what to think of this anime. At times it seems like it’s just another poor school comedy story with plenty of fan service; yet at times there seems to be a solid story with action and excitement. Same as the genre seems to switch constantly, the overall quality has its ups and downs as well. As of now I will keep watching, but am unsure what to expectof this anime.
Rating: 7/10

Working!! – Anime Review

Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

Review: Souta is a high school student and has an extraordinary love for small things. When a short and cute girl, who turns out to actually be a senior of his school, asks him if he wouldn’t help out at a restaurant she works part-time at, he couldn’t refuse. His coworkers there however are a little bit unusual, to say the least.

Working is yet another comedy anime with no real developing story-line, which focuses more on comedic interactions and character development, while depicting the daily life of Souta and his coworkers. It’s not really outstanding, but still has a unique touch to it and may be worth recommending to comedy fans.
Rating: 8/10