Clannad – Anime Review

Review: Tomoya is a rather laid back high school student, rarely attending classes, having very few friends and no particular interest in anything. After his mother died his father lost his job and became an alcoholic. In fight with him his right arm got injured so bad that he can’t play basketball anymore even today. Even though his father feels guilty for it Tomoya still hasn’t forgiven him. By chance he meets Furukawa on his way to school and somehow gets involved with her more and more. Furukawa is a clumsy girl who missed a year of high school because of sickness and now all her friends have graduated. Both having not many friends they start seeing and helping each other very often. Will she be able to make him walk into a better future instead of sulking over the past?

Clannad is yet another masterpiece by KyoAni who brought us shows like Air; Kannon2006, Suzumiya Haruhu and Lucky Star. When KyoAni is working on a project, great animation quality and plot are guaranteed so I doubt there is a possibility for this show to flop. The main character is designed perfectly credible and realistic as always and the plot has great potential for development and drama, while never missing out on the comedy part.
Rating: 9,5/10