Claymore – Anime Review

Review: Claymore or silver-eyed witches; that’s how the villagers call those members of the organisation whose profession it is to find and slay Yoma. Those Claymore are all half Yoma half human, very powerful and female, fore only woman are able to survive merging with a Yoma. Yoma are powerful demons who can take human form to remain undetected. However, they can not fool the eyes of a Claymore since they themselves are half Yoma. When there is a suspicion of a Yoma hiding in town, villagers will hire a Claymore to get rid of it. Claire is one of those Claymore, but she is travelling with a young boy who acts as her cook, which is unusual since Claymore usually are feared by humans and live a lonely monotonous life. What this boy yet doesn’t know is that each time Claire fights, she isn’t only fighting with the Yoma in front of her, but also with the Yoma within her. It is the fate of all Claymore to one day lose to the Yoma within at which point they will request their closest fellow Claymore to kill them before they lose their human heart.

Claymore tells the story of the sad, lonely and terrible fate of Claire, a young woman who decided to become a Claymore, and a boy, who decided to accompany her. This promising theme is supported by an adequate atmosphere and animation quality.
Rating: 9/10