Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Anime Review

Review: In the near future the ambitious Emperor of the Empire of Britannia managed to conquer most of this world’s counties with the help of their advanced mecha technology. Lelouch vi Britannia is one of many children the emperor has with several women. He left behind his royalty and friends after his father’s cold reaction towards his mother’s death. He now lives in Japan with his weak sister who lost the ability to see and walk during the atack on their mother. After some years his father even conqueres Japan and renames it to Area11 similar to other Colonies of Britannia. In his anger he swears to his new Japanese friend Suzaku to destroy the Britannian Empire. He plans to do so with his extraordinary intellect and strategic abilities while being sure of the fact that any plan he will come up with will take a lifetime to execute. His plans gets speeded up when he makes a pact with the mysterious and seemingly immortal girl called CC and gaines the power of Geass in return; a power that enables him to make people do as he commands when looking into their eyes, even if that means killing themselves. With that ability and his superior intelligence he makes use of the Japanese Rebellion, who feel betrayed by Britannia in their national dignity, to go against Britannia.

Code Geass already has a second season and arguably is the best mecha sci-fi action anime out there. It’s most outstanding part are the thoughtfully created and authentic characters, same as their character development and personal tragedies. A story so deep with unexpected turns and tragic deaths that will always make you starve to see the next episode. Action, tears and joy combined with awesome animation quality, characters and story is the reason for the huge success of Code Geass. It’s an original story not based on any previous works.
Rating: 10/10