Dance in the Vampire Bund – Anime Review

Review: Akira suffers from a loss of childhood memories, but with the help of his friends he is still able to live a normal high school life. However, his peaceful life suddenly changes after Mina Tepes starts to approach him. She is what appears to be the princess of all vampires and she is about to not only reveal the existence of vampires to the general public, but also with the help of her enormous financial backings create an independent city at the coast of Japan for vampires to gather and live in peace. As Akira spends more time with Mina he remembers he is from a werewolf clan serving under her and his memories slowly begin to return. Unfortunately the society of vampires isn’t as simply as to simply follow through with Mina’s goals and ambitions, so it seems Akira will have a lot of work on his hands.

As a fan of the manga this anime is based on, I found the alterations Shaft made to the plot in the first episode to be rather absurd and unfitting. Luckily the following episodes compensate with high animation quality and a more down-to-earth plot. It’s an anime recommendable to all vampire/action/fantasy fans.
Rating: 8/10

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