Death Note – Anime Review

Review: Light Yagami is an outstanding student and genius. His father is a high ranked police man and Yagami often helps him solve difficult cases, but still he is bored all the time. One day he finds the Death Note a shinigami (Death God) has dropped by accident. He can kill people by knowing their face and writing their real names into the Death Note. Just few days later lots of criminals in Japan and all over the world die from heart attacks. Yagami intends to make this world a better place by killing hardcore criminals and making people afraid of committing crimes this way. Soon it becomes obvious that all those mysterious deaths can not come by coincidence and there must be someone behind it. Society is split between those who support Yagami’s idea and those who think he is a sick murderer. The police of course have to find and stop him, but many officers are afraid of getting killed if they investigate Kira (Yagami’s new nickname). They hire a world-known detective who is known as “L” to catch Kira. Will Yagami be able to find out L’s real name to kill him before L finds out that Yagami is Kira?

Death Note is an unique story revolving around 2 unique and very intelligent characters with lots of unexpected and interesting plot twists. It is based on a manga bestseller that even has a successful live-action movie adaptation. While the manga already is a masterpiece, I could not find many scenes where the anime lacks behind the manga, so you can have equally high expectations of the anime.
Rating: 10/10