Doujin Work – Anime Review

Review: By coincidence Osana Najimi gets introduced to the world of doujinshi by her friends Justice and Tsuyuri. Doujinshi are fan-made manga, which often are perverted and based on popular manga or anime. They are sold at big comic-conventions, but it is a common among authors not to make profit with them and to only sell them at a price that will cover their production costs.
Najimi however only wants to become an author because she intends to make big money with it.

Doujin Work guaranties lots of funny and perverted misunderstandings as Najimi tries to get used to the weird and ecchi world of doujinshi. The animation quality isn’t very futuristic, but it wasn’t ment to be anyway and it’s a great and funny show either way. Another sad thing is that each episode only has 14 minutes of length.
Rating: 8/10

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