ef – a tale of memories – Anime Review

Review: So here is seemingly yet another anime adaptation of an anime-game that is famous for its extraordinarily amazing artwork and story. Hirono Hiro is an active mangaka and therefore quite busy and often skips school. On Christmas Eve he bums into a mysterious girl from his school, who he didn’t know until now as she is also often skipping classes. It seems from today on their ways will cross each other more regularly. On the other hand there is Renji who happened to meet a girl called Chihiro at a deserted rail road. They are both interested in literature and it didn’t take them long to get interested in each other as well. But there is something that Renji finds odd about that girl and it isn’t only the fact that she is not attending any school for some reason. What Renji does not know is that she has a mental illness that makes her constantly forget anything that happened before the last 13 hours. Still she is trying her best to stay friends with him and not be a burden to the people around her.

As this amazing story continues we will get to know more characters, their problems and how they are all connected with each other. Ef is a more drama and story oriented anime, unlike all those other harem/comedy anime game adaptations that flood the market each season for the last 5 years. The unique animation and camera-movements, same as the serious themes and topics that each of the characters are dealing with in their own ways, is what makes this show different and probably the best series this season even while competing against KyoAni’s Clannad and all those second seasons of well established anime that are airing currently.
Rating: 9,5/10