Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Dead – Anime Review

highschool of the dead
Review: For the students of Fujimi High School it all started with a weird looking man standing at the front gate on a sunny spring day. Only moments later he mercilessly murdered and infected most of the students with his zombie virus of unknown origin. The few, who stick together to survive, soon realize that this is a problem of global proportions.

At first glance High School of the Dead is an action based zombie anime with much fanservice and little story. On a second glance however, the breathtaking animation quality, astonishing music and character developments make this anime into something worth recommending especially due to the lack of bloody adult action anime recently. It’s questionable however, if that can compensate for the overuse of fanservice and some rather weird, crappy and unrealistic scenes where you have to wonder whether or not this is unintentional humor, or maybe rather clever humor designing a ridiculous scene in a serious way, while it is really meant as a joke (either way I had to laugh hard many times). All in all it is done decently well and I enjoy it even more than the original manga it is based on.
Rating: 8/10