Gamescom 2017: Gaming and Cosplay

This year we were able to visit Gamescom again to bring you some of the Japan related highlights.

Japanese published Bandai Namco offered gameplay for three of their new announced titles. What got us most interested of those was Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker. Unlike the Ninja Storm game series, here you are able to play matches with up to 4vs4 players. Jumping and moving through terrain as well as balancing you team seemed very importing and it looks rather promising. The second title Dragon Ball FighterZ is a new Beat ‘em up with a distinctly Japanese style and gameplay. The third title Ace Combat 7 is the newest installment of the famous air combat series and made for a very enjoyable VR experience for those who enjoy this genre.

Published Square Enix presented their new Title Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Similar to the new Naruto game, here you can engage in tactical team combat and chose from characters from all the different Final Fantasy titles. Another interesting presented game is the Online DLC for Final Fantasy XV. We are glad to see that DLC and Updates are still being released for this amazing title and still will be in 2018.

More than that, fans of the Cyber Punk genre should definitely look out for Detroit: Become Human, while fans of the classic RPG genre shouldn’t miss Divinity Original Sin 2.

We also enjoyed the Cosplay Village as well as the shopping area, which were even more prevalent this year. Below are some photos, enjoy:

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