Anime Series of the Genre: “Action”

Heroic Age – Anime Review

Thursday, 4 November, 2010

Review: In a distant galaxy there is a space colony looking for a planet. Leaded by a princess with special mental abilities they are finally able to find it. On this planet they meet a young man who has been left there as a child and managed to survive on his own. Suddenly they get attacked by an alien race but this mysterious boy manages to save them as there is more behind him than meets the eye.

This Sci-Fi fantasy story has to offer lots of mecha-action, psy-powers, old space myths and maybe even some romance.
Rating: 6,5/10

Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny – Anime Review

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

Review: Dragon Destiny is the continuation of the first Ikkitousen anime. This time we get to see the further story focusing on different fighters attending different schools. Be prepared for the next round of this ecchi action fighting spectacle presented in a better animation quality and a more mysterious atmosphere. Some people criticize this show for featuring even more fan-service and ecchi content than the first season, while not offering any deeper story at all. Personally I don’t see the apeal in this show as well, but as it gets more and more sequals, there got to be fans who watch this.
Rating: 6/10

Naruto Shippuuden – Anime Review

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

Review: After more than a year of filler stories the Naruto anime finally returns to follow the original manga story line again and with that this show also got a fresh new name.
The story is set two and a half years after Sasuke left to seek power from Orochimaru. Sakura is now training with Tsunade to become a medical ninja and Naruto is training with Jiraiya so that he will be able to confront Sasuke, Orochimaru and Akatsuki. Therefore all 3 of them are now training under one of the Legendary Sannin. Now that Naruto returns to Konoha many things have changed, but all in all everyone is still the same. Even though Akatsuki is on the move now, he still does not forget his original goals to become Honkage and bring back Sasuke.

I gladly admit that Naruto Shippuuden has fully lived up to my high expectations. Animation quality is fine again and we get to see the dramatic action adventures that we were used to. But it probably won’t take long before the story catches up to the manga, at which point there will be bad scripted filler stories again.
Rating: 9/10

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou – Anime Review

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

Review: This anime takes place in current-time Tokyo. However, this Tokyo is being attacked by grotesque monsters and demons. Hiyu Tatsuma just recently transferred to Magami Academy and makes contact with different students possessing mysterious powers. They intend to defend their city and friends.

The dark and brutal atmosphere same as the interesting powers of the main characters are the strong points of this anime. Animation quality and character design are decent. All and all it seems to be an interesting show for all horror/action fans.
Rating: 8/10

Black Blood Brothers – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: This show takes place in a world where vampires are only allowed to live peacefully in a special zone intended for them. Even though the Red Bloods (Humans) and the Black Bloods (Vampires) are at peace, there is still hate and conflict between those 2 races.
Mochizuki Jirou is a powerful vampire of noble blood and he spent wonderful time together with his beautiful lover and the female vampire Cassa; but after Cassa betrayed them and his lover died, Jirou is only a shadow of his former self. The settings and circumstances are still unknown. After Jirou awakens again from his long sleep he goes on a journey with his little brother and the human Katsuragi Mimiko.
Rating: 7,5/10

D.Gray-man – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: D.Gray-man is an action-filled fantasy anime that takes place during the end of the 19th centuary.
When Officer Moore and her partner enter a suspicious building, they run into Allen Walker. When Moore questions him he claims to be an Exorcist and then suddenly Moore’s partner dies in the room below. He was killed by an Akuma, which is a monster with a reincarnated plagued soul, mistakenly recalled by their loved ones and controlled by someone called the Millenium Earl. Allen has a special eye to see the plagued soul. With the weapon in his left arm and the substance called “Innocence” he fights them together with the Black Priest Organisation.
Rating: 8/10

Pumpkin Scissors – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: Even after the long and intensive war has ended the Empire is only a shadow of its former self. Ruins, poverty and hunger are everywhere. Small military groups started raiding helpless villagers. The energetic 2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin and her troop belong to the Pumpkin Scissors section, which is assigned to assist to recover from the war damage and defeat those criminal groups. On a mission they meet the tall and mysterious war veteran Randel Oland who offers his help. It appears that he belonged to the feared 901 Anti-Tank Troopers section called “Gespenst Jäger” (which is German for Ghost-Hunter). He has a heavy one-handed gun and a blue lantern.
Rating: 6/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: In the near future the ambitious Emperor of the Empire of Britannia managed to conquer most of this world’s counties with the help of their advanced mecha technology. Lelouch vi Britannia is one of many children the emperor has with several women. He left behind his royalty and friends after his father’s cold reaction towards his mother’s death. He now lives in Japan with his weak sister who lost the ability to see and walk during the atack on their mother. After some years his father even conqueres Japan and renames it to Area11 similar to other Colonies of Britannia. In his anger he swears to his new Japanese friend Suzaku to destroy the Britannian Empire. He plans to do so with his extraordinary intellect and strategic abilities while being sure of the fact that any plan he will come up with will take a lifetime to execute. His plans gets speeded up when he makes a pact with the mysterious and seemingly immortal girl called CC and gaines the power of Geass in return; a power that enables him to make people do as he commands when looking into their eyes, even if that means killing themselves. With that ability and his superior intelligence he makes use of the Japanese Rebellion, who feel betrayed by Britannia in their national dignity, to go against Britannia.

Code Geass already has a second season and arguably is the best mecha sci-fi action anime out there. It’s most outstanding part are the thoughtfully created and authentic characters, same as their character development and personal tragedies. A story so deep with unexpected turns and tragic deaths that will always make you starve to see the next episode. Action, tears and joy combined with awesome animation quality, characters and story is the reason for the huge success of Code Geass. It’s an original story not based on any previous works.
Rating: 10/10