Anime Series of the Genre: “Harem”

School Days – Anime Review

Friday, 5 November, 2010

Review: Every morning Mokoto takes the same train to school as the beautiful Katsura and slowly starts to develop an interest in her. However, he is content with just looking at her and does not plan to ever talk to her; that is until Sekai, a good friend of him, decides to support him in his crush. It turns out Katsura also had an interest in him and they start dating. As a reward for helping them, Sekai steals a kiss from Mokoto’s lips. Does she also have feeling for him and still helped him to get together with another girl?

School Days is based on one of the most popular anime dating-sim games. It is famous for its various amazing and shocking endings and for being being the first eroge to be fully animated. Many fans of the game doubt that the anime will be able live up to the great game with its multiple endings and paths, but I hope/think it will not end up as just another harem show. Also, like with all popular fiction works, there is a large group of people who hate it as well, in this case for its weak and indecisive main character.
Rating: 8,5/10

Nagasarete Airantou – Anime Review

Thursday, 4 November, 2010

Review: During a huge storm Ikuto falls overboard and is swept away. When he regains consciousness he finds himself on an isolated forgotten island. When he meets the locals he learns that it is impossible to get off this island easily and that this island is only inhabited by females due to some tragic accident. Being the only male around soon the young ladies start to fight over young Ikuto so much that it’s already scary.

Nagasarete Airantou is obviously a harem show featuring rather young characters, but the settings of this story have a lot of logical inconsistencies. However, this show wasn’t ment to make sense anyway, so if you  just accept the settings how they are, you will see some nice harem comedy, while even though there are a lot of love candidates, you will know who is going to win in the end right from the start.
Rating: 7/10

Shuffle! Memories – Anime Review

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

Review: This is the continuation or rather a recap of Shuffle (08.07.2005 till 06.01.2006). Gods and Demons came to the human world and started to peacefully live together with humans. We get to see Rin and all the girls in a new light with lots of new scenes and background information. Naturally those who liked the Shuffle season 1 will like this series as well. Since the first season was pretty much concluded I’m not exactly aware of the reasons why it was decided to make a second season, other than the first season’s great success, but it’s still a great show I guess.
Rating: 8/10

Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na: Crescent Love

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: Crescent Love is based on a bishoujo game by August Soft. This very enjoyable, funny and well animated anime show takes place in near future Japan.
After a colony was established on the moon, the relation ship between the moon kingdom and earth worsened day by day. A great intergalactic war took place and both sides were left with deep scars. For a long time travel between earth and moon was prohibited, but slowly is changing for the better. The princess of the moon kingdom decides to make her second “homestay” at earth to gain a better understanding for their society and improve their diplomatic relationship. Tatsuya’s sister is the President’s Primary Secretary and he is surprised when he suddenly gets to know that the princess is going to stay at his home and visit his class. But somehow it seems those two have already met long time ago.
Rating: 7/10

Tokimeki Memorial – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: Riku Aoba’s family have moved to a new town and he has been transferred to a new school because of his father’s new job. It’s a new school with all the latest equipments and clubs. However, this is not the reason why he is so surprised about his new school. While introducing himself to his new class, he realizes some of his classmates are wearing weird animal-ear-accessories. The beautiful, gentle and very popular girl Amamiya-san is put in change of showing him around school. She tells him those accessories are signs of great accomplishments in this school. The whole school turns out to be a crazy place. The teachers are weird, the school’s motto is “freedom” and in the end he gets tricked into a race where the whole school is after him. How is he going to survive all this? Luckily he already made good friends with some male and female students.
Rating: 6/10

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Review: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru is based on a shoujo-ai hentai game, but surprisingly has a male main character.
Mizuho is a nice and smart common guy, but his life changes as his father tells him that his dead grandfather’s last wish was for him to attend a special Girl’s Academy. Even though he is hesitant at first, with the support of his childhood friend who also attends this high school he decides to disguise as a girl and join as a transfer student. Everyone there is hyped about this new beautiful transfer student, but only the headmaster, few teachers and his childhood friend know about his true identity. Still, there is a lot he has to learn about living as a girl.
Rating: 8/10

Gift: Eternal Rainbow – Anime Review

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Amaumi Haruhiko is a student living in a rural town. In this town there are mysterious phenomena scientists have yet to explain. There a is big rainbow that does not disappear and everyone living in this town can once in his life give a special magical gift to another person if their feelings for each other are mutual. Just when the new school term starts his sister-in-law returns to his town after all these years and she have grown up to be quite a beauty.

This anime is your typical harem romance comedy eroge adaptation. Characters, story and the town strongly reassemble those of the anime Da Capo, while as for now I think Da Capo is superior in quality.

Utawarerumono – Anime Review

Tuesday, 26 October, 2010

Review: Utawarerumono takes place in a fantasy world, which is inhabited by many different human-like races. When the main-character was found in the woods, he was heavily wounded and was wearing a mask he cannot take off. An old woman who is the head of the village and a skilled medicine woman takes him in and takes care of him together with her 2 daughters. When he wakes up he has no recollection of who he is and why he was wounded. He starts to associate with the locals and helps a lot, but gets angry when he sees the villagers being ripped off by the high taxes of the king. After proving himself as a capable leader in various situations the villagers want him to take the place of the former head of the village who has just died, even though he looks different from everyone else who have animal ears and tails. He accepts and it is decided that the village is going to defend themselves against the king’s outrageous taxes, even with force. But is this peaceful village able to stand against the king’s army?
Rating: 9/10