Golgo 13 – Anime Review

Review: Duke Togou is the most dangerous man in the world. An accomplished killer for hire that’s known as Golgo 13. Once he takes a job, he finishes it. This series catalogues some of Golgo 13’s greatest ‘hits’ and is set sometime after the Queen Bee OVA. The plot for the most part is non consecutive with a different mission for every episode. The longest running adult Manga in Japan is gritty and action -intensive. This series promises to be the same as the episodes seem plucked almost straight from the pages of the original. They are even done in the same dull, low detail, animation as the movies which adds to this Charles Bronson-esque feel of the hard-lined 1970’s. It has sex, and death, some more sex, followed by even more death.
Rating: 6/10