Hachimitsu to Clover II: Honey & Clover 2

Review: This series continues in the same style and quality where the very popular first season of Honey and Clover (15.04.2005 till 27.09.2005) left off. It is a funny yet serious and authentic view on the life story of some friends who try to graduate from an Art College. It is the story of complicated relationships, unrequited loves, new careers and the search for their own goals, dreams, personalities and things that are important to them. Only few anime have such deep and authentic story-telling to make an anime outstandingly good even without complicated fantasy plots or giant robots saving the world, which is why I count Honey and Clover to my top10 anime. Even the background music, made by the popular J-Pop band “Spitz”, perfectly supports the tragic and happy themes and rounds up a master piece that way.
Rating: 10/10