Hayate no Gotoku: Hayate the Combat Butler

Review: Hayate is an unlucky and pitiful high school student. His parents are unemployed and keep gambling away their money. Still Hayate believes that one day through hard work and determination he will have the last laugh; at least that is until the day he was fired from his part-time job because he is too young and returned to an empty apartment just to realize his parents are gone and have left him to repay their gambling debts at the Yakuza with his organs. He manages to escape, but now with nothing left he plans to get money by kidnapping Nagi, a rich little girl he meets by chance, but even with that he fails and he only ends up helping her. Just when he gives up on life Nagi decides to take him in as a butler.

While this intro might sound like a drama, Hayate no Gotoku is in fact presented in a very hilarious way and very funny for that. It’s the story of unlucky Hayate who now works as a butler and has a hard time protection his little selfish master Nagi. There’s also romance but as many other girls join the ship along the way, it is not certain Hayate is going to stick with Nagi. Still this is not yet another harem show, but rather a comedy/romance thing.
Rating: 8,5/10