Hitohira – Anime Review

Review: Mugi is a cute and shy girl who just entered high school with her friend. She gets nervous very quick and when that happens, her voice won’t come out so that she’s unable to speak, which always gets her into a lot of trouble. Despite not using it very often she has in fact a very nice, loud and incredible voice. The folks of the drama research club have noticed it and soon approach her. Out of her nervousness she joins the club without thinking, but a girl from the club seems to understand her and says she will be happy she joined them. Will Mugi find happiness in action and will she be able to perform in front of an audience and bring out her voice?
This show’s strength lies within its enjoyable, diverse and well drawn characters. It also has a touch of comedy, romance and even some small hints of shouji-ai.
Rating: 6/10

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