Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Anime Review

Review: Sai Akuto thinks of himself as a very caring and helpful person. His biggest dream is to graduate from Constan Magical Academy and become a high priest. An occupation only those with the purest hearts can follow. Yet, unexpectedly on his first day on oracle that predicts the future occupation of the first year students tells him that he will be the Demon-Lord; a being feared in the past for its enormous power und cruelty. With that said, it seems like there will be only those who seek him for power and those who avoid him in fear. Or maybe not…?

It’s rather hard to figure out what to think of this anime. At times it seems like it’s just another poor school comedy story with plenty of fan service; yet at times there seems to be a solid story with action and excitement. Same as the genre seems to switch constantly, the overall quality has its ups and downs as well. As of now I will keep watching, but am unsure what to expectof this anime.
Rating: 7/10