K-ON! – Anime Review

Review: Yui-chan has always been a carefree and energetic girl. However, she has never participated in any clubs and now that she is in high school she feels it is time for a change. She befriends the girls of the Light Music Club and decides to learn to play the guitar so that they can perform together as a band. That’s how her new life as a guitarist begins.

K-ON is the newest anime of the hit-guarantee animation studio Kyo-Ani. Similar to Lucky Star it doesn’t rely on a deep or tragic story, but is a comedy show that follows the daily life of those 4 high school girls. Funny character designs and outstanding voice acting makes every episode both hilarious and enjoyable. Still, I cannot think of anything that would qualify this series as a masterpiece or outstanding as a whole, and yet it’s pretty fun to watch, so it’s nothing for fans who only look for the deepest or darkest anime.
Rating: 9/10

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