Kanon (2006) – Anime Review

Review: This anime is a remake of the 13 episode long Kanon anime (31.01.2002 till 28.03.2002), which is based on a very popular Japanese eroge (hentai anime game). Many fans complained the first Kanon anime lacked animation quality and did not adequately present the awesome story of the original eroge. A length of 24 episodes and Kyoto Animation now responsible for production and animation will hopefully be the key to create an appropriate and satisfying Kanon anime this time.

The story revolves around Yuuichi Aizawa, who returns to his hometown after seven years. He is allowed to stay at his cousin’s house, but the memories of his childhood he spend here are blurry. Some of the girls there also don’t remember certain things of their past. What has happened in their childhoods? Why did they forget? And will they be able to regain the mysterious happy and sad memories of their past together?
Rating: 9,5/10

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