Kaze no Stigma – Anime Review

Review: All members of the house of Kannagi possess the ability to manipulate fire. Kazuma however was never really a talented fire-user. After he was defeted by his cousin Ayano, his father banished him from the family for being a disgrace. Now, 4 years after Kazuma left, he decides to return to his hometown. He has made a contract with the spirit of wind and became a powerful wind-user much stronger than most of the Kannagi family members. At the same time several members of the Kannagi family are killer by wind-magic and as rumours spread Kazuma seems to be the main suspect. Despite having no interest in the Kannagi family anymore it seems Ayano’s and Kazuma’s ways are bound to cross again.

Kaze no Stigma is an action filled anime with a solid story taken from a novel series. The animation quality and fights are well designed; yet the downside is this series abrupt end which leaves you hoping for more.
Rating: 8,5/10

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