Kemonozume – Anime Review

Review: In ancient times when the gods still had human forms, a man kidnapped a woman who was about to be sacrificed to the gods. As a punishment the gods turned them into evil spirits who can only survive by eating human flesh. Their descendants even today live quietly among humans. They are called Shokujinki and have human shape, but turn into monsters for eating humans. The Kifuuken is a group of beast-hunters and their goal is to kill all Shokujinki. Toshihiko Momota is a very skilled swordsman and the son of the organisation’s leader. He falls in love at first sight with the beautiful girl Yuka, but their relationship turns out to be very complicated since Yuka is a Shokujinki.

Kemonozume is telling the story of a forbidden love the anime way; however I do not like the hand-drawn animation quality of this anime. The characters sometimes look really deformed, especially during fights.
Rating: 7/10