Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho – Anime Review

Review: Since the day Kaname Okimura was attacked by a being he claims to be a mermaid, he is afraid to swim in pools or in the sea. He attends Umineko Shougyou High (Umisho) on the sunny island Okinawa now and has joined the school’s swimming club only as a manager still not being able to overcome his fears. But that’s not surprising considering this club is filled with weirdos and there is even one more wierdo to join. Her name is Amuro Ninagawa and she just recently came to Okinawa on her little floating house. She is always bright and has a bad habit of swimming naked. Will she be able to help Okimaru to overcome his fears?

Umisho is a comedy festival filled with hilarious characters, fanservice and weird situations. It is based on yet another masterpiece manga by the author of Otogi no Machi no Rena and Inu Neko Jump. Those mangas are popular for their unique artwork, characters, fanservice and still having interesting stories for being mainly comedy oriented.
Rating: 8/10