KimiKiss Pure Rouge – Anime Review

Review: Kouichi’s parents are currently living overseas so he has to manage to live on his own together with his little sister. When suddenly the doorbell rings, it is not his parents but his childhood friend Mao returning from overseas while Kouichi’s parents agreed for her to stay at their home. To Kouichi’s surprise Moa isn’t the study obsessed nerd she used to be anymore, but rather grew up to be quite the energetic beauty. Now he seems torn between the growing feeling he starts to have for her and the feeling he has for his long-shot high school crush.

Kimikiss is a lighthearted high school romance/comedy show dealing with multiple people, their problematic relationships and puberty. To this point it seems quite different to the KimiKiss manga, while I’m not able to compare it to the dating-sim game it is based on. If you are not already into this kind of thing, this anime probably won’t change your mind.
Rating: 6,5/10