Kure-nai – Anime Review

Review: Kurenai is a laid back high school student living alone in a run-down apartment. He works as a mediator, which is some kind of private agent helping and protecting clients. It’s not uncommon for him to get into serious fights during his work even though he does his best to avoid them. In those fights he sometimes uses a mysterious power he isn’t fully able to control yet.
His newest assignment however will make his crazy life even crazier. He is to live with and protect a 7 years old abducted girl from a prestigious but cruel family. Will Kurenai be able to deal with her selfish and uncommon behavior?

Kurenai is based on a novel and takes a quite different approach to the story than the existing manga. It starts of as an interesting action drama with school comedy tendencies, but quickly loses its excitement as it turns more and more into a family education show only focusing on the moods of the little girl and his weird neighbors. As the manga still seems to be quite interesting I will try not to give up on this show too quickly.
Rating: 7/10

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