Lucky Star – Anime Review

Review: Izumi Konata is a hopeless otaku totally into anime and games. Still, without studying and always copying homework from her friends, she always gets good grades.
This anime is, same as Azumanga Daioh, based on a 4-panel-manga and portrays the daily high school life of Izumi and her friends. All of them have unique and funny characteristics and make up an interesting combo. The different scenes might seem random and unconnected at times as it is based on a 4-panel-manga, but it is very funny none the less, especially the Happy-TV special at the end of each episode and its funny moderator. Being made by Kyoto Animations it is already certain to become a cult hit, yet I feel sad that they decided to make a cheap moe anime instead of another dramatic fantasy anime with high quality animations.
Rating: 9/10