Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd – Anime Review

Review: This OVA series is based on the popular shoujo novel series of the same name and continues where the first 2 popular seasons Maria-sama ga Miteru (08.01.2004 till 01.04.2004) and Maria-sama ga Miteru: Haru (04.07.2004 till 26.09.2004) left off.
Fukuzawa Yumi is a cute first-year student at Lillian Girls’ Academy. This catholic school has a special student council that is admired and famous among all the students. Usually this student council is composed of 3 senior students who take special flower titles: Rosa Gigantea (white); Rosa Sinensis (red); Rosa Foetida (yellow). Each of them can take a second-year student who then is referred to as “Rosa … en bouton”. Each “en bouton” is also allowed to pick a first year as a “petite soeur” (little sister). The 9 girls hold meetings in a special small house on the school grounds. Sachiko, the “Rosa Sinensis en bouton”, suddenly asks Yumi, who has always admired her, to become her “petite soeur”. This romantic, dramatic and heartwarming story revolves around the lives of the 9 girls of the student council and focuses on their relationships and circumstances.
Rating: 9,5/10