Nana – Anime Review

Review: Nana is a realistic, funny and yet at times sad romantic anime.
On board of a train to Tokyo Nana Komatsu and Nana Osakin happen to sit beside each other and become friends with each other. Nana Komatsu is a cheerful, cute and persistent girl who needs lots of attention and easily falls in love. She is on her way to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend and start a new life. Nana Osakin is the vocalist of the punk-band Blast, which isn’t really famous, but was really popular in her hometown. She travels to Tokyo to become famous with Blast and meet her old boyfriend who left in tears to join the popular band Trapnest in Tokyo. When they leave the train they get separated, but meet again looking for an apartment to stay. In order to reduce the costs they decide to live together. Was their reunion fate? And what kind of life awaits them in Tokyo?
Rating: 8,5/10