Negima!? – Anime Review

Review: This anime is a remake of Mahou Sensei Negima (06.01.2005 till 30.06.2005) and is based on a popular manga by Ken Akamatsu, who also is the author of the cult anime and manga Love Hina. Fans complained the first Mahou Sensei Negima anime is an unsatisfying adaptation of the great manga and the animation and presentation seemed to be rather childish. The new Negima anime seems to be better and also more original because there are many changes to the original manga plot, that now focuses mor on comedy than story.

Negi Springfield is a talented 10 years old wizard-in-training. Oddly his final task to become a magister magi is to become an English teacher at an all-girls boarding school. This is the story of the young magician Negi and all of his female students. Negi is working hard being a good teacher for the girls, keeping his identity a secret, learning new magic and battle magic skills, becoming stronger and finding his lost father Nagi who is the strong and famous wizard referred to as the Thousandmaster, but disappeared after Negi’s birth.
Rating: 8/10

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