Night Head Genesis – Anime Review

Review: The human brain only uses 30% of its capacity. The true potential of human beings lay within the other 70%. When the 2 brothers Kihiraha Naoto and Kirihara Naoya were born their parents found out very early that they are different from other children. They had supernatural telekinesis powers and often got into conflict in society because of that. When they got a little older their parent made the decision for them to live in a laboratory for their own good. Naoto and Naoya felt abandoned by society and by their parents; they felt as if they had nothing but each other. 15 years have passed now and they are planning to break out again and live a free life.

Night Head Genesis is a Sci-Fi drama that takes place in present time and is about 2 brothers who have been abandoned by society because they are “different” and have nothing but each other. The obvious yet not explicit homosexual hints are a clear sign that this show is geared towards women. It’s a shame that an otherwise most interesting and original srory is weakend for male viewers by this fact.
Rating: 8,5/10