Nodame Cantabile – Anime Review

Review: Shinichi is the top piano student at his university and is popular among the other students. His goal however is to become a famous conductor. For this goal he’d be better off studying in Europe, which is impossible for him because of his deeply rooted fears about travelling. After being constantly annoyed by his teachers and dumped by his girlfriend he meets Nodame. Nodame is an easy going girl who just happens to have been living next door all the time. She has the talent to play songs on her piano after just listening to them once. As Shinichi discovers her messy apartment and lifestyle he finds himself taking care of her again and again. Watch them grow as people and musicians.

The awarded manga this anime is based on also had a very successful TV drama adaptation. Being animated by the same company who was responsible for Honey&Clover there can be found many similarities in comedy and characters. You don’t have to be interested in classical music to get into this show. It’s a story of life, love, comedy and dreams.
Rating: 8,5/10

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