Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi – Anime Review

Friday, 25 October, 2013


On Sunday, god forsook the world. It happened 15 years ago and since then children stopped being born and humans stopped dying. God sent to this world one final miracle: the gravekeepers. Only burials by gravekeepers can grant a peaceful slumber for the restless dead. In this world 12 year old Ai-chan leads a peaceful life in a small rural village. She has taken over the role of gravekeeper from her deceased mother. Her small world is shaken when a wondering man who calls himself Hampnie Hambart, the man-eating toy, comes to her village and slaughters everyone. From there on her journey beginns.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi tells a very unique and original story. It is the story of bright and innocent Ai-chan, who journeys a dark and lonely word in a quest to “save the world”. It is especially this innocence and optimism that is a beacon of hope to the troubled people she meets and helps along the way. As she visits different places, the viewer slowly gets to know more about this interesting world and the hardships of its people. Together with beautiful animations, it creates a breathtaking atmosphere. However, contrary to early impressions many get from the first episode, this anime’s focus is not on fighting and action within a zombie apocalypse. This caused disappointment for many viewers. I however, am quite pleased with the way this anime unfolds and its original take to an end-time story.
Rating: 9/10

AnimagiC 2013 Cosplay

Saturday, 17 August, 2013

Last week we were at the AnimagiC 2013 anime convention in Bonn Germany. Many great Japanese bands like ZWEI, JAM Project, Shiroku and Eir Aoi came to perform. There were also many other fun performances and multiple anime cinemas. All in all it was a fun day and a very well organized convention. As always, here are some of the amazing cosplayers we came across.

pokemon anime cosplay

hellsing anime cosplay

Shingeki no Kyojin anime cosplay

New to Animeph

Saturday, 13 July, 2013

We at Animeph are constantly looking for skilled writers and passionate fans as an addition to our team. If you feel motivated to contribute to Animeph and be an active part of the community, don’t hesitate to visit the Contact Page and write an email. Below is a short introduction of John, the most recent member of our team:

Hello! I’m John Malapitan, a new author and editor. I have been watching Anime and reading Manga since the first time I was introduced to it at Anime Expo 2007 at Long Beach, CA. I recently went to AX again just a few days ago at Los Angeles, CA; I plan to go every year from now on! I am currently a first year college student studying biochemistry. I have been a “Closet Anime Fan” because a lot of my friends thought it was I guess “Childlike”, but now I want to socialize with the community more and add my input, specifically to romance anime; I have seen from Aishiteruze Baby to modern romances like Amagami SS, Midori Days etc. I also enjoy watching others like Railgun, Oreimo, Hyouka, Ano Hana, SAO, Attack on Titan etc. I’m planning to add content to the Anime Review section, and also talk with the people using this site! I hope we can get along!

Dokomi 2013 and Japan Day Cosplay

Wednesday, 26 June, 2013

Last month the Animeph team visited the Dokomi anime convention again. It was an enjoyable day with lots of events and beautiful cosplayers. Just a week later we went to the twelfth Japan Day Düsseldorf, an open air event with more than 600000 visitors. Below are some cosplay pictures we took.

On an unrelated note, I apologize for the 2 week downtime that occurred recently. Our server provider messed up our data, so we switched to a more expensive dedicated root server. I hope in the future there will be no more issues. Also, page load speed should be improved now.

lol ashe cosplay dokomi

final fantasy XIII-2 cosplay

cosplay tournament

cosplay anime bleach hot


Zetsuen no Tempest – Anime Review

Monday, 21 January, 2013

zetsuen no tempest screenshots

When Yoshino visits his friend’s family grave, he is suddenly confronted by an armed woman who wants to know the whereabouts of his friend. His friend Mahiro left a month ago in a vain attempt to investigate the triple murder incident his parents and sister fell victim to. Since then he was seen at various locations that are now under quarantine. His sudden reappearance here is as unexpected as the magical powers he uses to save Yoshino. Mahiro’s powers are borrowed from talismans that belong to a trapped sorceress princess he made contact with through the help of a wooden doll. In exchange for his help she promised to use magic to solve the triple murder case Mahiro is so obsessed with. She claims the quarantine is due an epidemic curse that turns living things into metal, which is a side effect of the Kusaribe clan’s plan to revive the Tree of Zetsuen and the reason they trapped her. Yoshino decides to help them, but has his own reasons for doing so.

Zetsuen no Tempest is based on a manga of the same name. It is the dark and mysterious story of two friends who try to reveal secrets that are beyond their understanding. Many open questions and interesting and credible character designs leave viewers hooked to this original story line. The brilliant animation quality underlines its role as an adequate and noteworthy adaptation.
Rating: 9/10

High School DxD – Anime Review

Saturday, 20 October, 2012


Hyoudou Issei is your usual hormone-driven high school boy. When asked out by a beautiful girl from his school, he quickly accepts without second thoughts. However this girl turns out to be a sadistic fallen angel, who proceeds to killing Issei on the night of their first date. Laying in his own blood with deep regrets Rias Gremory appears and ressurects him as a demon serving as her pawn. She is from a high ranking family of demons and the head of his school’s Occult Research Club. In his new life he helps people who try to call forth demons and assists in Rias’ quarrels with other demons and fallen angels.

Being based on a series of light novels,  there certainly  is an unfolding story line that is interesting to follow, yet not too original or breathtaking to be praiseworthy. After all High School DxD’s main selling point seems to be the hilarious comedy and the extensive fan service. Still, the annoucmet of a second season proves its success among viewers, so fans of this genre should defenitly risk a glimpse.
Rating: 8/10

Gamescom 2012 cosplay and impressions

Wednesday, 5 September, 2012

Hello fans and folks. This year I was at Gamescom 2012 in Cologne and here are some impressions I want to share with you. This year they opened two additional halls to expand their fairgrounds by more than 15000 square meters. 6000 companies from gaming and entertainment industries have shown their new developments. Animeph was also there for you and took a special look at upcoming games from Japan and of course cosplay. This year Gamescom was a lot more interesting for cosplayers and anime fans, as there was an area especially dedicated to them. In hall 11 there was a vast playground for Japanese culture fans and it took a whole enjoyable day to visit all interesting places there. There you could sing karaoke, listen to Japanese pop-bands or talk to a lot of cosplayers and mangaka. You could also join a cosplay competition event and win prizes. It seems Gamescom wanted to expand their influence to the anime fandom and succeeded.
Here is a pic; enjoy.


Dokomi 2012 Anime Convention

Wednesday, 6 June, 2012

Last weekend I visited the German anime convention Dokomi in Düsseldorf. It was a fun day and I’ve never seen that many cosplayers in one place. Too bad that many fans, who were not as fortunate as me to have a press card, were not allowed in as it was sold out very quickly. Yet, for some reason it didn’t seem to be very crowded inside. Anyways, here’s a beautiful cosplay of  Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown I’d like to share:

dokomi anime convention