Queen’s Blade – Anime Review

Review: Reina is the youngest daughter of a noble family. She is always the center of attention because she will be the heir for the throne even though her sisters are much stronger than her as she thinks. Tossing aside her unearned attention and responsibilities she sneaks out and leaves on a journey to become independent. On her way she meets many skilled fighters, as it is the time of Queen’s Blade; a battle royal between female fighters taking place every 4 years with the position of queen at stake.

The story of Queen’s Blade isn’t too original or outstanding at this point; however, the animation quality is breathtaking, sadly however only in the first few episodes. You will get to see plenty of fanservice and fights, but only time will tell if this anime is all about half-naked girls fighting each other, or if the story is going somewhere as well.
Rating: 6,5/10

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