School Days – Anime Review

Review: Every morning Mokoto takes the same train to school as the beautiful Katsura and slowly starts to develop an interest in her. However, he is content with just looking at her and does not plan to ever talk to her; that is until Sekai, a good friend of him, decides to support him in his crush. It turns out Katsura also had an interest in him and they start dating. As a reward for helping them, Sekai steals a kiss from Mokoto’s lips. Does she also have feeling for him and still helped him to get together with another girl?

School Days is based on one of the most popular anime dating-sim games. It is famous for its various amazing and shocking endings and for being being the first eroge to be fully animated. Many fans of the game doubt that the anime will be able live up to the great game with its multiple endings and paths, but I hope/think it will not end up as just another harem show. Also, like with all popular fiction works, there is a large group of people who hate it as well, in this case for its weak and indecisive main character.
Rating: 8,5/10