Soukou no Strain: S-Strain – Anime Review

Review: In a distant future when new engines make it possible to travel close to the speed of light, the human race started exploring and inhabiting the universe. In the course of that, humanity was split into 2 powers, the Union and Deague, who have been at a state of war for a long time now, while the battlefront is expanding constantly.
Ralph Viereck is a successful Union squadron commander, who is sent on a mission 130 light years away leaving his sister Sara behind. She promises to go after him and soon joins Grapera Space Armed Soldier Academy to become a Strain pilot. She works hard to maintain her top results always thinking of her brother. One day the academy is suddenly attacked by Deague. Her friends get killed by a traitor’s Strain and Sara follows its pilot as he breaks into a secret research laboratory and kidnaps a mysterious girl. When she confronts him she can’t believe her eyes. It’s her Brother Ralph and he hasn’t only changed on the outside, but on the inside too. He attacks fighters, students and Sara without any mercy.
Rating: 8/10

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