Spring 2011 Anime List

This list is meant to provide an overview of all Spring 2011 season Japanese new anime releases announced to air soon on Japanese television or to be released as anime DVD/Blu-Ray.

This Spring there are so many new amazing sequels and manga adaptations that highlighting only a few wouldn’t be enough. Also, many might have already noticed that this season I started adding little descriptions on most anime shows with certain airing dates. I hope it helps you guys on getting a better view on what to expect of all those new anime. And don’t forget to check out the new Summer Season Anime List.

Anime TV:

April 12th 2011  

Seikon no Qwaser II

  • Action, Drama, Fantasy, Ecchi


Second TV season of this action and fanservice filled anime. Sasha will continue his quest for revenge on the Qwaser of Gold using his power to manipulate iron.


April 4th 2011 

Sengoku Otome – Momoiro Paradox

  • Adventure, Fantasy

sengoku otome anime

Junior highschool girl is sent back in time to the Sengoku era where historical warlords are now re-envisioned as women.


April 6th 2011 

Kaiji 2: Hakairoku Hen

  • Seinen, Gambling

kaiji 2

New season based on the legendary gambling manga.


April 12th 2011 

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai II – The World God Only Knows II

  • Shounen, Comedy, Romance

New anime TV season about a dating-sim game obsessed boy now having to conquer the hearts of real girls to fulfill his contract with the demon girl Elci.


April 8th 2011 


  • Comedy, Shoujo-ai, Gender-Bender

Second season of Kanko’s hilarious struggle to enjoy her highschool life. She is a lesbian girl visiting an academy for girls, while her life is made difficult by the evil but beautiful cross-dressing boy Maria.


April 17th 2011  

Ao no Exorcist

  • Shounen, Fantasy

ao no exorcist

Rin is the son of Satan created to be a vessel powerful enough to allow Satan to join to human world by possessing him. Rin however opposes his fathers plan and became an exorcist.


April 10th 2011  

Astallote no Omocha!

  • Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

In the world of Alfheimr the succubus princess Astarotte got to the age where she should start building up a harem, as the life of a grown succubus depends on human companionship. For that reason her employees abduct a man from the human world. Astarotte however bears a great dislike for men due to a scary experience in her past.


April 9th 2011 

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

  • Shounen-ai, Comedy

sekai ichi

Yaoi story of two men working at a manga publishing company.


April 6th 2011  


  • Mystery, Sci-Fi


A group of friends have developed a device to send text messages to the past. Now they are under threat from a secret organisation.


April 3rd 2011  

Tiger & Bunny

tiger and bunny


April 17th 2011  

Deadman Wonderland

  • Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

deadman wonderland anime

When Ganta’s whole class got massacred by a mysterious monster, he as the sole suspect is quickly sentenced to life imprisonment in the twisted Deadman Wonderland prison where the staged fights between prisoners are broadcasted on national television.


April 8th 2011 

A Channel

  • Comedy

a-channel anime

Comedy anime based on a 4-panel manga similar to Lucky Star.


April 8th 2011 

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

  • Comedy, Sci-Fi

denpa onna to seishun otoko

Erio had been missing for half a year when she was found. She doesn’t remember anything but now believes it must be the work of aliens and starts behaving weirdly.


April 15th 2011 

[C] – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control


When the Japanese government was saved at the brink of financial collapse, the life conditions of its citizen remained at an all time low. The scholarship student Kimimaro tries to escape this pitiful destiny.


April 7th 2011  

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

  • Comedy

30 sai


March 26th 2011 

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

  • Slice of Life


A group of childhood friends, who grew apart after one of their friends tragic death, now gather once more.


April 2nd 2011 

Dog Days

  • Action, Adventure, Fantasy

dog days

A human boy gets summoned into a fantasy world by a princess to defend her kingdom.


April 3rd 2011 


  • Comedy


Here is another moe-comedy anime series animated by the successful KyoAni animation studio. Personally I think their talent is wasted on just another no-depth moe anime, yet they keep being successful with it just as much.


April 4th 2011 

Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

  • Harem, Comedy, Romance

ore-tachi-tsubasa anime


April 4th 2011  

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

  • Harem

hoshizora anime

Your typical harem anime, in which the main character returns to his home town after years and it turns out, that all his former female friends still love him.


April 2nd 2011 

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream

  • Idols

pretty rhythm


April 8th 2011  

Hidan no Aria

  • Shounen, Action, Comedy, Romance

hidan no aria

After a bombing incident Kinji gets drawn into the Butei special armed students task force.


April 4th 2011 

Gintama 2

  • Shounen, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

gintama 2

Second season of the long running manga adaptation about a samurai in a world invaded by aliens.


April 3rd 2011  

Hen Zemi TV

  • Comedy

hen zemi tv

Nanako tries to keep her sanity, while visiting an abnormal physiology seminar.


April 3rd 2011 

Hana-Saku Iroha

  • Slice of Life

hana saku iroha

The 16 year old Ohana starts working for a hot spring inn.


April 7th 2011 

Sket Dance

  • Shounen, Comedy, School

sket dance anime

Based on a long-running manga about high-schoolers who help others out as part of their club activity.


April 5th 2011 

Tono to Issho: Gantai no Yabou

  • Comedy


April 1st 2011 

X-Men Anime

  • Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

x-men anime

Anime remake of X-men.


April 3rd 2011 

Toriko (2011)

  • Shounen, Action, Comedy

toriko tv


April 25th 2011  


  • School, Sports

moshidora anime


April 8th 2011  

Soft Tennis

  • Shounen, Comedy, Sports

soft tennis


April 7th 2011 

Hyouge Mono

  • Seinen


April 8th 2011  

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera

  • Fantasy, Comedy


April 13th 2011  

Honto ni Atta! Reibai-Sensei

  • Comedy


April 13th 2011 

Hato no Oyomesan

  • Comedy


April 8th 2011 

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san TV

  • Comedy, Fantasy


April 9th 2011 

Jewelpet Sunshine

  • Shoujo


May 4th 2011 

Inazuma Eleven Go

  • Sports, Fantasy


Anime DVD OVA:

March 6th 2011  

Kämpfer: Für die Liebe

  • Shounen, Action, Comedy, Romance


April 26th 2011 

Highschool of the Dead OVA – Drifters of the Dead

  • Horror, Action, Ecchi

highschool of the dead ova


Anime Movie:

May 7th 2011 

Hoshi o Oo Kodomo

  • Fantasy

Hoshi o Ou Kodomo movie

New anime movie from the makers of Beyond the Clouds and 5cm per Sekond. Highly recommended.


April 16th 2011 

Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence

  • Mystery


April 16th 2011 

Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu Ougon no Spy Daisakusen

  • Comedy


April 29th 2011 


  • Fantasy


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