The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Anime Review

Review: Suzumiya Haruhi is a different kind of school comedy story. While it seems like a normal show taking place in a normal modern world with funny, crazy and original characters at first, they have yet to find out they are actually living in a crazy reality with aliens, ghosts and time travellers.
Kyon can confidently say he never ever believed in Santa Claus and the likes. However, it took him some more time to realize aliens, ghosts, monster and evil organisations from movies and fictions do not exist neither; or rather he realized it all along but did not want to admit it because living in such a fantasy world would be much more fun. Kyon is about to enter high school now and has accepted his normal down-to-earth life. On the first day of high school when everyone is introducing themselves, the whole class cannot believe their eyes when Suzumiya Haruhi stands up and exclaims: “I am Suzumiya Haruhi. I have no interest in normal humans. In case there are any aliens, vespers, ghosts or time travellers, come and join me”. Some might think she is joking, but Haruhi is always dead serious. She does not speak with anyone much, but somehow she started to open up to Kyon. In her egocentric and persistent way she creates a club called SOS Brigade and “collects” some club members. Follow this show and see how Kyon seems to be the only normal human in this club and how he always has to stop Haruhi from executing all sorts of weird ideas, while he himself is thrown into all kind of weird situations.

The show is perfectly presented in a balanced mix of Kyon’s thoughts, narration, and speech. It’s the most successful comedy show of 2006.
Rating: 10/10