Tokko – Anime Review

Review: Tokko is a dark and bloody action horror anime, which is based on an even darker manga of the same name.
5 years ago a big and brutal mass-murder occurred where Shindou used to live. Only he, his sister and few others survived out of hundreds of inhabitants. His sister is a police woman today and he himself joined Tokki, the special mobile investigation force, in order to investigate this incident and revenge their parent’s death, but even today brutal murder happen in the streets of Japan day for day and the police is having a hard time. It seems the murderers are not human and when Shindou finally sees the murderers with his own eyes he is shocked. Bullets are no use against them, but then suddenly a girl he knew and also used to live where the mass-murder occurred 5 years ago appears and kills them of with a sword. Why is she using a sword and is there any connection to the mass-murder 5 years ago?
Rating: 6/10

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