ToLoveRu Trouble – Anime Review

Review: Yuuki Rito is what you would call the usual clumsy high school boy, and he never seems to success in confessing his love to the girl of his dreams, Haruna. Suddenly, out of nowhere a naked girl called Lala appears in his room and claims to be a princess from another planet. She is on the run from her father and all the husband candidates he arranged for her. Seeing a girl in trouble Yuuki can’t turn his back on her and helps her escape from the agents who followed her. In the process Lala falls in love with Yuuki and decides to marry him. Actually without knowing, due to a weird tradition, Yuuki was the one who proposed marriage and now with all the pressure how will he be able to turn her down? And what about his crush on Haruna?

ToLoveRu is a romantic comedy about Yuuki and his intergalactic problems. This show basically lives from its hilarious situations and its fanservice. As the manga it’s based on is pretty long and popular this show has plenty of story to work with. It’s not exactly the newest artistic and original masterpiece, but if you like harem comedy shows with lots of fanservice, this show is what you’re looking for.
Rating: 8/10