Utawarerumono – Anime Review

Review: Utawarerumono takes place in a fantasy world, which is inhabited by many different human-like races. When the main-character was found in the woods, he was heavily wounded and was wearing a mask he cannot take off. An old woman who is the head of the village and a skilled medicine woman takes him in and takes care of him together with her 2 daughters. When he wakes up he has no recollection of who he is and why he was wounded. He starts to associate with the locals and helps a lot, but gets angry when he sees the villagers being ripped off by the high taxes of the king. After proving himself as a capable leader in various situations the villagers want him to take the place of the former head of the village who has just died, even though he looks different from everyone else who have animal ears and tails. He accepts and it is decided that the village is going to defend themselves against the king’s outrageous taxes, even with force. But is this peaceful village able to stand against the king’s army?
Rating: 9/10