Welcome to the N.H.K. – Anime Review

Review: The NHK anime is based on a popular novel and follows the successful NHK manga release. NHK is a different kind of slice of life story. It is the story of a hikikomori who locked himself away from society and rarely ever leaves his apartment. He goes through all kinds of hardships of geekhood like getting computer game addicted, getting eroge addicted, getting porn addicted, getting drug addicted, getting fooled into buying tons of useless merchandise ending up with a huge dept, getting involved with a suicide group and so on. Yet the story is written in a way that you can still relate to the main-character. But then the beautiful girl Misaki-chan appears in front of his door and proclaims she will help him out of his pitiful situation. Who is she? Why does she want to help him? How does she intend to help him and will she really succeed in helping him?
Rating: 9/10