Yamato Nadeshiko Shich Henge: Perfect Girl Evolution

Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy
Review: It was a traumatic experience for Nakahara Sunako when the boy, whom she confessed her love to in middle school, replied he does not want to go out with ugly girls. Ever since then she lived a gloomy, dark and weird life not caring about her outer appearance anymore. She started hiding in the shadows and stopped interacting with other people. Her appearance became so dark that it was scary and frightening to others. However, her extraordinary aunt offered the 4 most beautiful and popular boys in school, who are living on rent in one of her big houses, to rent this house for free when they manage to make a lady out of Sunako. What will come out of those 5 living together?
Yamato Nadeshiko Shich Henge is a pretty funny shoujo anime and Sunako’s nosebleeds reflect the spirit of this fan-girl oriented show. Yet, those 4 boys who are supposed to be beautiful seem rather ugly and girlish to me due to their weird character design, but maybe that’s just me.
Rating: 7/10

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