Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na: Crescent Love

Review: Crescent Love is based on a bishoujo game by August Soft. This very enjoyable, funny and well animated anime show takes place in near future Japan.
After a colony was established on the moon, the relation ship between the moon kingdom and earth worsened day by day. A great intergalactic war took place and both sides were left with deep scars. For a long time travel between earth and moon was prohibited, but slowly is changing for the better. The princess of the moon kingdom decides to make her second “homestay” at earth to gain a better understanding for their society and improve their diplomatic relationship. Tatsuya’s sister is the President’s Primary Secretary and he is surprised when he suddenly gets to know that the princess is going to stay at his home and visit his class. But somehow it seems those two have already met long time ago.
Rating: 7/10