Zero no Tsukaima – Anime Review

Review: Louise is the third daughter of the de la Valiel family. She lives in a world where there are Nobles (rich people that can use magic) and Commoners (peasants that can’t use magic). Even though Louise visits a fancy magic school, she is known for being unskilled and whenever she tries to use magic it will end up in an explosion. In the sacred ritual of summoning a familiar, she summons a Commoner (Hirago Seito, a boy of the same age) from the “real world”, unlike everyone else who summons small dragons and other animals. Louise has no choice but to accept Seito as her familiar, while Seito himself do not know what is going on. The rumour of a Commoner being summoned as a familiar is being spread around the school and everyone makes fun of Louise for it, but what is that weird mark on Seito’s hand?

Zero no Tsukaima is the first of 3 successful seasons of an anime story taken from a light novel series. It’s a perfectly balanced and enjoyable mix of romantic comedy, magical fights and political themes.
Rating: 9/10